Municipality: Town of Yorkshire

SWIS Code: 048489

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1754 properties found for 2022. Please note that this number may be incorrect due to parcels that do not exist (better description needed).

Assessed Values in this municipality

Minimum assessed value: $5.00.

Maximum assessed value: $7,761,930.00.

Sum of assessed values: $33,081,003.00 for 1754 properties.

Mean assessed value: $18,563.97.

Median assessed value $10,067.50.

School Districts that serve the Town of Yorkshire

3 School Districts in this Municipality

Springville-Griffith Institute

West Valley Central

Yorkshire-Pioneer Central

Equalization Rate: 12

If you are looking for further years back on Equalization Rate History for the Town of Yorkshire please visit the Equalization Information tool on NYS Office of Real Property Tax Services.

Municipal Tax Rates

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No rates are available!

More Taxes Items in this Municipality

Item Name Item Code Tax is for Tax Rate
TOWN 048489 - TOWN Town 26.638503
COUNTY 048400 - COUNTY Town 82.240848

6 Special Districts in this Municipality


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Assessed Value
The estimated value of a property as determined by an assessor. Assessed Values in NYS Tax.
Equalization Rate
The average of a bunch of numbers.
a value in an ordered set of values below and above which there is an equal number of values or which is the arithmetic mean of the two middle values if there is no one middle number. - Mirriam-Webster
Tax Rate