2009 Ellicottville Central School Taxes

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Ellicottville Central (School SWIS Code: 043601)

Tax Collector: Lindy Terhune

Phone: 716-699-2316 ext 1303

Fax: 716-699-5423

Please send school tax bills to:
ESC Tax Collector
P.O. Box 5120
Buffalo, NY 14240-5120
For all other mailings:
School Tax Collector
5873 Rt. 219
Ellicottville, NY 14731
Year Municipality Total Rate EQ Rate Parcels Taxable School Rate General Tax Library Rate Library Tax
2009East Otto$0.0000002,017.000$63$100.000000$6,996,263.00$8.481469$59,084.00
2009Great Valley$0.0000002,017.000$1,226$95.000000$132,568,027.00$8.927862$1,183,549.00


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