Finding your Home:

Steps to find a single address:
1. Use ONLY the first empty box.
2. In the Street Address box type in a street number, name, and type. A number and name are BOTH needed, a type is not but it will help narrow your search. Types consist of rd, st, ln, etc. IMPORTANT -- When searching for a "Route" address you MUST NOT put a space between the word "Route" and its number, i.e. "123 Route39," "123 Route242," "123 Route219," are correct.
3. Click on Locate.
4. Proceed to Results (found below).

Steps to find an intersection:
1. For Locate Intersections you will use BOTH empty boxes.
2. Type one of the street names in the first box.
3. Type the second street name in the second box.
4. Click on either of the Locate boxes.
5. Proceed to Results (found below).


A new window will now appear showing the results and it will automatically zoom you into the first result. Or a new window will open saying Unable to locate address .

If you were unable to locate an address then click on the OK button and try again while typing in less information.

If you were able to locate an address a table will appear and the map will zoom into the first record in that table.

To zoom into other records, click on the number under the Zoom column and in front of the record of choice. The Score column is the score of the found addresses with a numerical value ranging from 0-100, with the higher number being the most likely to be correct.